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Past Productions


Master to Master, 2016

Noda Review: Billed as the story of Gilbert and Sullivan it is rightfully the tale of a triumphant triumvirate and to Gilbert and Sullivan must be added the name of Richard Doyle Carte. The latter named was referee to the continuous clashes between the main protagonists and his contribution to


Princess Ida – 2014

Based on a poem by Tennyson, this is the story of a medieval feminist princess who spurns all male attention and turns her castle into a college for women. However, her principles crumble when confronted with the love of the prince she was betrothed to in infancy. Far from what


The Grand Duke – 2013

A petty German ruler tries to hand over his tottering duchy to a theatrical troupe - a plot strangely reminiscent of Thespis. Despite some charming songs, this operetta was a disappointment to most observers. G&S were still talented, but their enthusiasm for such projects had waned. It was not professionally


HMS Pinafore – 2015

At first, this tale of a common sailor competing for the hand of his captain's daughter with none other than the Lord Admiral of the Royal Navy seemed doomed to failure. It became an international sensation, reshaping the commercial theater in both England and the United States. After some greedy


Trial By Jury – 2016

A giddy one act spoof of the British courtroom. A jilted bride-to-be sues her former fiancée for breach of contract, resulting in a hilarious trial where any ideals of romance are eclipsed by the realities of greed and lust. Intended by producer D'Oyly Carte as a curtain raiser for his


Ye Gods!

Our Pantomime of 2015 was a enjoyable show based on the character from Greek mythology Persephone, the daughter of Zeus and the harvest goddess Demeter, and queen of the underworld. Drawn into the underworld by Hades she becomes a formidable, venerable majestic princess who carries into effect the curses of

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