HMS Pinafore – The Full Story

West Wirral Musical Society are delighted to be putting on the brand new  “HMS Pinafore-the Full Story” between 14-17 October 2015 at Westbourne Hall in West Kirby.  This is in part one of the most popular Gilbert and Sullivan shows, with its stirring songs of British Tars, its high comedy in the character of Sir Joseph Porter KCB, the First Lord of the Admiralty who has never been in charge of a ship, with his adoring bevy of sisters, cousins and aunts.  It also has a dramatic romance crossing class boundaries, between Ralph, a humble midshipman, and Josephine, who is the captain’s daughter.

Often, as it is quite a short show,  HMS Pinafore is performed with a companion piece, most frequently Trial By Jury, which is what we did back in 2002 when we last performed it.  However, we have decided this time to do things differently, hence the name of our show is “HMS Pinafore-the Full Story”.

It is therefore “brand new” as mentioned above, because we have added to the original story of HMS Pinafore.  We have expanded the character of Hebe, who is the leader of Sir Joseph’s cousins, and created 3 new comic characters, Dahlia, Daphne and Marigold, more cousins of Sir Joseph, each of whom are attracted to sailors on board HMS Pinafore (including the existing characters of the Boatswain and Carpenter) and who have additional scenes which add some light comedy romance in contrast to the more serious central romance.  We have added in some of the best G&S numbers from other shows in what we hope is an entirely fresh yet seamless and entertaining addition to the original story.

We are in rehearsal at the moment and everyone is excited by this new element to the show.  We are blessed in our society with very talented ladies, and we deliberately enhanced the ladies’ involvement in this show, which in its original form has 6 excellent parts for men but only 3 for women, with Hebe’s character having only one line of dialogue and no song of her own.  We hope people will be fascinated to see how we have added to the show, and we hope they will agree with us that the new characters and scenes do not in any way detract from the excellence of the original.